Karamoja Arts

— This website is still under construction. —

Karamoja Arts is improving the livelihood of the local community of Kotido through: Akigeno Nursery and Primary School; Stimulating Entrepreneurship in Arts and Crafts and Women Groups;  Organic Demonstration Garden

These activities are financially made possible through the activities of:

Karamoja Arts Eco tourism: containing Eco lodging, Eco Tours, and Cultural Workshops

Karamoja Arts Ecotourism offers tradional eco housing, local arts and crafts, and unique tours to the cultural high points of the Karimojong.

Through the demonstration garden, Karamoja Arts offers conservation agriculture to the local community and the children of the primary school.

Karamoja Arts main focus is sustainable development with respect to gender and different age groups in Kotido district, North-East Uganda.

This website will provide all the information that you need to support the mission of Karamoja Arts.

Arts and Crafts, Eco lodging, Eco Tours