Progress of building : some pictures.

While starting this website, we hope we can make a link between the beauty of Karamoja and the rest of this world. Karimojong are rightfully proud on their culture. But poverty and insecurity has interfered in their promotion of what they have. We hope this website can help in this.

2 thoughts on “Progress of building : some pictures.”

  1. Hey Anke en Ronald,
    they are all very tempting offers. nice website.
    Bless you and the Karimojong in this business 🙂
    kisses van Thera

  2. Dear Anke and Ronald,

    It was so very nice to meet you and your family when we were visiting Ruth. Tomorrow I will be sharing with my women’s Bible study the jewelery that I purchased at your shop. I know that my friends will be so happy to have something from the Karamojong to wear. God bless your ministry.

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