Living like the Karimojong

When you have heard about the Karimojong, and you have heard what a wild people they are… and mainly walking naked… then you are definitely wrong.

Though Kotido is somewhat far North in Uganda, it is most worthwhile to visit. Many outside people have discovered the place, and all reactions are very positively. Mainly though, opposite to what they had learned before, about the Karimojong.

So please be informed: the Karimojong are a very nice people… able to do things we are not able to do anymore. Discover their abilities and start to respect this ‘old’ tribe of Uganda (Karimojong means: the old ones, who stayed behind; during migrations of the tribes).


This picture shows a visitor who is sleeping in the Karamoja Arts Manyatta. Their houses are solely built with natural material. That is called: ‘Keeping the environment clean!’

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