The bangle-maker.

The banglemaker: Paulo Lonyang
The banglemaker: Paulo Lonyang
One of our joining craftsmen is Paulo Lonyang. He is crippled at both his feet, but he went to school, is fluent in English and tries very hard to earn his living for his family. His wheelchair is ramshackled. One of the things we would love to do is to find a new wheel chair for him (if you want to support that please let me know!). To him we are able to give micro-loans, which he always pays back very stiptly. He makes bangles from red and yellow copper. The copper he finds at the trash, or copper from the waterpipes… everything can be used by him. He decorates them with different patterns, and his work is most wanted in the shop. He also makes bangles from aluminium… little different style, but still very nice to wear.
He is one of the examples that community tourism can make a difference in lives of people.

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