Akigeno Nursery School

Starting from ┬áSeptember 2014 Karamoja Arts has extended their services and opened a nursery school. ‘Akigeno’ means ‘Hope’ in Ngakarimojong language

The level of education in Kotido was experienced very low. Sometimes children are not yet able to read in Primary 4. Not being able to read will hinder the development of the child in future education. That is why we are offering a phonetic  reading programme in our Kindergarten: Nursery 1 and Nursery 2.

Because some older children are not yet good in reading and writing too, we were asked to give remedial lessons on Saturdays. This is what has stimulated many to read and write. It is for us encouraging to see the enthousiasm of the children while they are opening a book!

We are using school material from Accelerated Christian Education, as a guidance for the teachers. We regularly have qualified volunteers that help our teachers to grow in their teaching abilities.

When you are interested in joining the school as a volunteer, short term or long term, you can contact and while we look for possibilities for you.


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