Menu List

Because the kitchen is attached to the guesthouse, we do not cook on daily basis. Kindly book your meal in advance: 24 hours, to ensure availability.


  • Breakfast small: Tea/coffee with bread and egg. 5000/=
  • Breakfast big : Tea/coffee/cocoa,  hot milk, 2 eggs,  fruit of the season, bread with local honey and groundnut paste. 10.000/=
  • Breakfast Special : American pancakes with local honey.  Tea/coffee with hot milk. Fruit of the season. 10.000/=

Any extra can be ordered separately.

  • Hot milk: 3000/=
  • 2 eggs: 3000/=
  • Juice (orange, passion): 3500/= per glass.
  • Fruits (differing prices )
  • Lemongrass tea: 2000/=


1. Healthy Brown 

Brown organic Rice with vegetable curry and salad. (Cabbage curry or Eggplant curry) 12,000/= Ugx


Brown organic Rice Pilau (Spiced rice with meat, onions,  garlic and tomatoes), served with a salad of your choice. 15,000/= Ugx

2. Potato Kotido

Deep fried Irish Potato wedges, with avocado salad. 10,000/= Ugx

Deep fried Irish Potato wedges, with fried goats meat and avocado salad. 15,000/=Ugx

3. Sweet and Savoury

Sweet potato OR Matooke (Ugandan cooking banana ) prepared with tomatoes, onions,  garlic.  Served with local greens  (Sukuma Wiki, Boo,  Dodo ). 12,000/=Ugx

4. Pasta Arts 

Spagetti or Macoroni, with a rich tomato sauce. Served with fried eggs. 15,000/= Ugx

5. Salads 

  • Avocado salad : Avocado, tomato and onion, garlic.
  • Cabbage salad: Cabbage with green pepper and grated onions
  • Kachumbari : finely cut tomatoes, onions and little red pepper.

More menu available in guesthouse.

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