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By the promotion of local entrepreneurship and by means of local womengroups we have had the oppportunity to open an Arts and Crafts shop in Kotido. While we see the possibilities of reaching a market, the local people had no easy access to that market. We started small in 2012, inside the compound of Church of Uganda in a small hut. Both local people as well as national and international people were interested in the locally produced Arts and Crafts. The main challenge is now to keep the shop filled up. In February 2013 we moved to the compound of Karamoja Arts, 1 km outside the center of Kotido.
Welcome to visit the shop and buy to promote the community!

We sell the following items. (See gallery for pictures.)

  • Beaded jewelry: necklaces, (copper) bangles and earrings;
  • Calabash, baskets, mortar and pestle;
  • Karimojong traditional skirts;
  • Bow and arrows;
  • Orginal ‘Ekicelong’ artist pained, beaded or clear;
  • Artwork and more.

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