Eco village:                                          $15,- (50,000/= ugx)
Balanites house:                               $20,- (70,000/= ugx)

Jujube house:                                     $30,- (100,000/= ugx)
Faidherbia house:                            $25,- (90,000/= ugx)

All prices are per room per night: Breakfast included for max. 2 people (extra breakfast can be ordered).  Meals can also be ordered separately.



1-3 persons   $15,-*

4-6 persons   $30,-*

7 or more persons $45,-

(with own transport)                                               *excl. $30 community fee per group

Kalikruk:                         $10 per group

(Optional: drinks / breakfast / dinner)

Longiro dry riverbed hike:                    $5
Kidepo National Park:

The price will be the hire of the car, the sleeping and eating in the parc and the gamedrive in the evening and morning.


  • Karimojong Cooking                   $8
  • Claypot making                              $5                    (Min. 3 people)
  • Ekicelong painting/drawing    $5                  (Excl Ekicelong)
  • Beading: as well on ekicelong,                         as by making neacklaces,                 headbands, armbands,                         legbands, waiststrings                 $10
  • Playing adungu                                 $5                 (the local harp)
  • Dancing Karimojong dance       $5

** inclusive workshop materials

All prices per person.


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