Demonstration garden

The demonstration garden is in full swing. What other should we do than to be a farmer with the farmers. Work together with them, visit them on their own fields, and try to get the best results. Although the rain was not predictable in 2013… we discovered ourselves the drought resistancy in crops like sesame and fingermillet. They do better than the maize and beans that people prefer to plant at the moment. Also groundnuts suffer during a drought spell for more than two weeks, but sunflower , sesame and fingermillet delay a bit in growth, and continue when the rain comes back. Hereby a short photo-impression.
Join us in the work we are doing!
Some maize was still harvested… that is, when others didn’t take it away from our land without asking… Behind you see some sorghum growing and the sesame.



Preparing the land for the planting season. Unfortunately, the rain is really delaying: it’s already May and we did’nt have enough rain yet. We try to follow as much as possible the principles of Farming Gods Way: a sustainable way of conservation agriculture.

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